I launched my first web business!

So I’ve finally launched http://www.kindreminders.com

There was so much buildup to the launch. So many “what if” questions running through my mind. My lizard brain was running full capacity:

  •  What if I get 100,000 hits?
  •  What if I get too many orders?
  •  What if I get no orders?
  •  What if people love the site?
  •  What if people hate it?
  •  What if a bigger company comes along and steals my idea?
  •  What if I’m a failure?

Thinking about all these questions made all my fears and dreams come true at once.   It was a clusterfuck of thoughts and rather overwhelming.

The better part of my brain took control and said “fuck it — lets launch” and this is what happened….

  • Some people went to my website and gave me some feedback.
  • Some loved the concept.
  • A few signed up.
  • That’s about it.

In fact, nothing really happened at all.

None of those questions above mattered at all.

Learn to curb your fears. Live in the now.  Simply launch whatever you’re doing because living in fear will stop the execution of your project.

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