Why I stopped eating for 5 days

Needing a Cleanse

I had been going hard on the road for more than a month.  In the last 50 hours, I had commuted more than 30 hours on buses/ferries, as well as pulled an all-nighter at a mafia run bar called “Guys Bar” in Koh Phan Gan for my 30th birthday.   I had no more than 5-6 hours sleep in the last 3 days, and was running on fumes.  This seemed like an opportune time to take advantage of the many yoga/detox retreats on Koh Phan Gan! I called up a few places, and decided to try a combo detox/yoga retreat, how bad could it be?

I arrived to “Phangan Hualaem Resort” on May 31st at around 5:00pm and was rather lethargic.  Greeted by “Melanie Summerton” (The Detox Director) who quickly notices my fatigue and recommends to get as much sleep as possible for the upcoming fast.  She leads me to my bungalow and the first thing I notice is the breathtaking view of the ocean. 

Woah, So Breathtaking!

Woah, So Breathtaking!

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